Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What is your play style?

With the Siege of Mirkwood expansion coming soon a small panic has started to sneak up in my game play, I log in and start to stress about what groups I need to get into to get my last piece of radiance gear. I have not seen all of the current End Game content! And with new End Game content looming in the near future my play feels rushed and anxious. So I sit down and start thinking with as much as I play how can I not have all my gear or seen and done all of this games content! I really started to examine my game play style and was it keeping me from accomplishing all my LOTRO goals? I first needed to define a couple categories that I felt that any LOTRO player could put himself or herself into. This is what I came up with, I have not come up with anything new we have all heard of Hardcore players and Casual Players I just added a few sub categories.

Hardcore Player – 30+ hours a week
· Hardcore Raider – you have seen these people they know every instance by heart and have done all content and decked out in all the top gear. (Tend to be real focused in real life)

· Hardcore Social – there are people who play just for the social interaction of the game, these people are in constant chats in Kin Chat, OOC, and unfortunately a lot in LFF.

Casual Player – 10-20 hours a week
· Casual Raider – this is someone who has made the trip to 60 and tries as much as they can to experience end game material but just does not have the time they would like to get there.

· Casual Social – these are people who have limited time to play and when they do it is usually with friends in real life or friends they have made in game.

Not everyone will fit into a category and they could fit into a combination of 2 categories if I sat down and really got into it I am sure I could come up with more categories but I wanted to keep it simple. So! Tell me what category do you fall into? (Take the Poll) with the time you do put into the game do you feel like you are accomplishing what you have set out to do? If you are 60 do you have all your radiance gear?

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