Monday, September 28, 2009

Why I made this Blog

I made this blog because I got tired of hunting for consistent Pod Cast and consistent open conversations about LOTRO, not that it is not out there I just got tired of looking for it :-) So! With that being said I am not an English major so excuse my spelling and grammar. I just wanted to have a place to have a few people listen to me bitch or praise things in LOTRO and not threaten to kill me. I have been playing about a year and a half on the Brandywine Server and have a 60 Captain, 57 Minstrel, 38 Hunter, 38 RK, 28 Guardian, 27 Champion. Yea I have a condition called Alt Envy but I am slowly understanding it and may seek professional help one day about it. Yea I know my page looks like crap now and I will work on it some if I can stop logging into LOTOR and just standing in the 21st Hall waiting on someone other than me to start a group. WHY do I do that? I know what I want to do and know most of the instances I just don’t want to take on the responsibility of getting a group together and then leading it. So I will get bored after a half hour of watching all the energetic characters running around jumping up on the crates and bags and standing on the Milestone in the center there (Hey Look At Me!) maybe it is just age I am 44 years young and I log in sometimes and maybe take a total of 5 steps over about 30 minutes. Course I am usually watching TV at the same time because I am bored because I cannot get a group but I probably miss a lot of groups because I am watching TV. It is a vicious cycle I get stuck in! Oh well more latter so tell me what the heck did you do this week in LOTRO?

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